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the roost crate story
Love strolling through your local Farmer’s Market discovering delicious treats to bring home? Maybe some artisan crackers, jams, sauces, or spices? Like to find homemade soaps, handmade candles and kitchen tools? We do too.

We are a small business in Upstate New York, perfectly placed between Albany, NY and Saratoga Springs, NY. We are surrounded by the best farmers and small batch artisans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and after spending years enjoying their fantastic creations, we can’t wait to introduce you to them too.

Each month, Roost Crate will source, design, process, box, ship, and share all the things you may find while visiting your local farmers market. We will base each month around a theme and ship right to your door. Come join the roost and share your roost crate story. You can find us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter or on our popular food blog, Eat Picks® , where we share great recipes, kitchen tips and entertaining news.

Some Kind Words:

"When I heard Roost Crate was launching, I knew I had to get my hands on a box, knowing the contents would be impeccable. I  received the August box, and it did not disappoint." ~ Jennifer Iacovelli ~ Anotherjennifer.com

More kindness:

"They have really hammered down the key elements in a subscription box like this one. The presentation is great, the quality is excellent...the curation is also top notch. A job well done by Roost Crate!" ~Asheli Cox ~I'm Not A Tree Reviews

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